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FFXI Accounts For Sale

$0.80 / PER Million

Server: Asura

  • Stock: 3200.00 Million In Stock
  • Price: $0.80 / PER Million
$1.00 / PER Million

Server: Bahamut

  • Stock: 750.00 Million In Stock
  • Price: $1.00 / PER Million

Introduction to AccountSwappers

Welcome to AccountSwappers

We are the experts of Final Fantasy XI(FFXI) trading. Long time gamers ourselves we have been playing FFXI since NA release in 2004. We have been there with you camping King Arthro for the almighty Speed Belt. We have been 100 deep in Dragon's Aery lusting after E Body. We saw the Salvage bans. Through the 99 expansion with Abyssya and Voidwatch and now into 119. Accountswappers has been here through it all and is the #1 TRUSTED source in FFXI Buying and Selling. We handle every type of account transaction including Buying, Selling, and Trading. We also specialize in safe, discrete FFXI gil transactions, because we are NA you can fly under the radar and have the confidence that your transaction will go without a hitch ingame or out of game. Accountswappers also can satisy custom orders. Accountswappers also offers Power Leveling services to meet your needs. We can do Emperyon weapons, Mythic Weapons, Relic Weapons and custom accounts! Need 30,000 Alexandrite for your Mythic Weapon? What about the Dynamis Currency for a Ghorn for your trusted Taru Female mule, we have you covered! Just need a Ebisu Fishing mule? No problem. We have been the #1 Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Buying and Selling source since 2006. Our documented feedback is #1 in the industry. Don't get caught up with these fly-by-night Chinese RMT companies that will get you banned or even worse! Accountswappers are 100% US based and serve customers all over the world for their Final Fantasy XI(FFXI) needs for Accounts, Gold, and Account Services. We also support FFXIV account buying and selling and will be launching new features around Square Enix's newest hit Final Fantasy XIV.